Our new show for kids is KID/ DUB, a time traveling dance party for kids! We were thrilled to take it to Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne and Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017. The kids and families seemed to really enjoy it and we got some nice reviews too. This year we're off to the Gold Coast to do some shows during the Commonwealth Games!

Adelaide Now 13/3 (also appeared in print: The Advertiser)
“It’s difficult to say who was having the most fun at dance extravaganza KID/DUB — it was fairly even between the parents and children (…) the audience sang and danced their way through this high-energy show”

In Daily Adelaide 14/3
"DJ LuLu Loud is wonderful as the spunky and pert leader of the pack, and parents were having as good a time (perhaps an even better time?) as their children, which makes for a fantastic date because I say nothing can make an under-12-year-old kid happier than being around a shamelessly kooky, singing and dancing parent. Let the fun begin"

Play & Go Adelaide 11/3
"Will have you and your little people up and grooving."

I am also Lulu Loud, cabin attendant and Time Lord, appearing on screen, as one half of the time traveling dance party extravaganza that is Hot Dob Time Machine.

For more information please see:   www.hotdubtimemachine.com or contact our management team Falcona muz@falcona.com.au